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How to find the best cat running wheel in 2023?

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Why should you purchase a treadmill wheel for your cats?

There are approximately 100 million domestic cats in the United States, and unfortunately, up to 1% of them suffer from diabetes, according to the Cornell University of Veterinary Medicine. In other words, one million cats are clinically overweight, bearing the severe consequences of shortened lifespan and reduced quality of life. In addition, living in a relatively small space without other feline companions could cause boredom and unhappiness to domestic cats. Having a TONX MODERN Cat Wheel is the perfect solution to these issues.

How to find the proper cat wheels?

A cat wheel is essentially a huge hamster wheel, or a circular treadmill aimed to help cats exercise at home. Our cat exercise wheel comes in three different sizes—32, 41, and 48 inches—covering all breeds of feline, from the smallest Singapura to the biggest Maine Coon. Each single TONX MODERN Cat Wheel is handcrafted in our shop in Anaheim, CA, USA. Compare to other big-name brands, our cat wheel has 6 main advantages: superior quality, safe, no assembly required, near silent operation, modern aesthetics, and customizability.

The main feature that sets our cat wheel apart from the others is the fact that our wheel is one single piece, made from premium Baltic Birch plywood. The inherent stability and strength of this material ensure the wheel can rotate smoothly without wobbling, and stand up to cats’ “abuse”. Other brands’ cat wheels are usually made from cheap plastic pieces that have to be assembled by the customers. Their reviews show that these plastic pieces have the tendency to break over time. That is not a concern for the TONX MODERN Cat Wheel. While cheaper cat wheels use foam on the wheel’s interior, our cat wheel uses high-quality carpet. A piece of foam can easily be destroyed by cats’ sharp nails, but the carpet is able to endure them and provide sufficient traction for cats to run. As a result, the TONX MODERN Cat Wheel has superior quality and is able to stand up to the test of time.  

As mentioned before, other brands’ cat wheels are usually made from plastic pieces. One of the negative side effects of that is that they are very lightweight. Meaning when a cat runs inside, it is not stable. This is a big safety concern, and there are accounts of their wheels flying off when cats run too fast. On the other hand, our cat wheel roughly weights 3-5 times more than a cat. Having a heavy weight may seem negative at the first glance, but it is actually the opposite. The extra mass reduces the wheel’s vibration when rotating. Therefore, when a cat runs inside, it is very stable and safe. In addition, our base is sealed on all sides, minimizing the chance of cats’ paws getting stuck between the wheel and base. Figures 1 and 2 give a clear comparison between the base designs and show the potential danger of leaving the base unsealed. Therefore, the TONX MODERN Cat Wheel is not only the best quality cat wheel, but it is also the safest one for your cat.

Figure 1: Other Brand’s Cat Wheel Base, Where Cats’ Paws Could Easily Get Stuck
Figure 2: The TONX MODERN Cat Wheel Base, Where All Sides Are Sealed

As stated previously, the TONX MODERN Cat Wheel’s wheel is one single solid piece, which is the same as the base. This means that there is absolutely no assembly required. While other brands require 30 minutes to hours of assembling, all our customers need to do is open the packages and put the wheel on top of the base. Also, the cardboard we use is 100% recycled, minimizing the impact on the environment. 

When the wheel is made from multiple pieces, inevitably they do not line up perfectly. These misalignments will cause loud noises when the wheel is rotating, similar to a car’s tires making more noise when driving on a bumpy road. However, since the TONX MODERN Cat Wheel is one single piece, the track on the wheel is as smooth as it could be. To further reduce friction, which causes noise, the wheel is coated with polyurethane and a layer of wax. Consequently, our cat wheel is much quieter than competitors. Below are some customer reviews that validate this point.

Figure 3: Customer Reviews that Show TONX MODERN Cat Wheel is Quieter

A cat wheel is not only exercise equipment or a toy for your cat, it is also a piece of furniture that will live in your home. With that in mind, the TONX MODERN Cat Wheel has a modern minimalist design that is suitable for every home. The base color is customizable, without charge. Other customizations include size, wheel and carpet color, and inlay on base. Even without any customization, the default design is generally considered more aesthetically pleasing than other brands. The main reason is the wheel. Figures 4,5 and 6 show a comparison between other brands’ wheels and TONX MODERN’s wheels. It is clear that our cat wheel looks like a luxurious piece of furniture and other ones do not.

Figure 4: Other Brands’ Cat Wheel Side View
Figure 5: Other Brands’ Cat Wheel Side View
Figure 6: TONX MODERN Cat Wheel Side View

In conclusion, the TONX MODERN Cat Wheel is the best choice for your cat to play with and lose weight due to its quality, safety, lack of any assembly, quietness, elegant design, and customization options. If your cat is overweight, or you are simply a cat lover that wants the best toy for your fluffy baby, you should get one for your cat! And we are currently running a huge sale for Thanksgiving! Don’t lose your chance to take advantage of the sale while the supply lasts.

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